Friday, 7 September 2012

men need a place for sex, while women need a reason?!

Disclaimer:  This post is MY opinion on a certain topic that I chose to write on. I don’t say it IS the fact. The idea is to express my view and to see what other people might probably think about the same issue. So, in case you don’t like the contents, or you think its offensive, feel free to stop reading..!  Also, if you think I’m wrong, do let me know why you think so. Anything that seems statistical may or may not be based on actual statistics. So, I do not take responsibility if you think it is wrong. However, if you have the CORRECT fact/statistic/data, feel free to share and comment. I hope, you have not found the disclaimer offensive! If you still are interested in reading the blog, do leave your comments!

Like the urban saying goes, it probably IS true (atleast in most of the cases) that men need just a place, while women need a reason for sex. I would like to reiterate that I’m not trying to imply that men are looking only for a shag and are incapable of 'love' or 'relationship' or 'commitment'.  Infact, women looking only for a shag is just as common in recent times. Although men can love just as well as women, (Infact, in some cases, better than women) when it comes to sex, men need no more than a place, a place that would guarantee seclusion for a few minutes or hours, as the case maybe!
Like my previous post on ‘Chauvinism’, I blame evolution for this trait in men, which women seem to be so fond of bashing! (This is despite the fact that all of us know that there are as many women opting for a one night stand as there are men!)
When humans evolved, they, I presume, did not have the luxury of ‘love-making’. Sex, to them must have been more like thirst or hunger, something driven by instinct. This did serve the purpose sex was ‘designed’ for!
However, with the cultural evolution, sex was more for entertainment than for reproduction! Coming back to the topic, women, as I had mentioned in the previous post, have always had a need to choose her mate so that the best genes get passed on. In other words, she was always on the look-out for the best male specimen! Further, the female had the important task of delivering the offspring. This also put the pregnant female in a risk from threats, be in animals or the forces of nature. So, I assume, this factor would have genetically driven her away from getting horny at the slightest provocation. This might probably be continuing even today. 
Man, on the other hand, was basically ingrained to pass on his seed to start the next generation. Like all animals, humans ate, slept and lived for one reason- to reproduce. With the female being so choosy in mate selection and with a limited ‘window of opportunity’ available, man, if he had been like the woman, wanting a ‘reason’ for sex, humans would have probably been wiped off the face of the earth ages ago. He was forced by his instincts and the woman’s need to choose, to use whatever time and chance he did get. He only needed a place to get to business!
I’m not surprised that this, like so many other traits has continued down millennia, and still (most) men need only a place for sex, while (most) women need a reason for sex!